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Always Available with 24/7 online communication methods, you may contact our team by emails, skype, QQ, Whatsapp, Wechat or even direct phone calls Multilingual communication ability, our team is fluently speaking English, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese Technical Back background besides the good communication and negotiations skills, our sales team is also having a strong technical background which enables them to answer most of the customers technical questions in a timely manner without the need to get back to our technical team, this is having a very positive effect on the order processing lead time.

Longze is having its own branded products which became a trusted and popular brand name in most of our targeted markets OEM for those customers who want to use our designs but with their own brand name or logo ODM if the customer is having his own design, our R&D team will help to achieve this design according to the special requested specsTechnical Support.
How it works!?
If you don’t know what exactly the perfect specifications that matches your project, or which product is better for your application, then our technical team will help you with the details .
Installation manuals are available to download online as well as videos and online chatting to solve any problems may occur
After Sales technical support is one of our best services done buy our online support team, once any customer face any technical issue he may contact our sales or technical team directly.

Quality is guaranteed Longze has passed ISO9001 international quality management system. All products among the system are guaranteed, controlled and carried out, we will provide the following warranty for any defected product if not caused by human errors or force majeure.
2~5years warranty for the entire Product and replaces with new ones for free in case of quality problems.

Bidding Project support
Let’s win it together if you don’t know how to win it alone, if you don’t have the enough knowledge or experience to prepare a professional technical proposal for tender projects we can easily help you to figure it out, we for a win win business relation

Long-term Business is our type, we are always looking forward to have partners not only customers, so we are supporting our them with all means, that's why we remain reasonable in costing, best in quality, trusted warranty, with technical support, training and even participating in our customers marketing activities Become a Distributor if you are one of our long term customers we also may offer a distributor authorization to become one of our partners in your region.